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How Will Homes And Gardens Be In The Future

Posted by on Nov 4, 2017 in Home | Comments Off on How Will Homes And Gardens Be In The Future

Level we can put the other two garden beds in but these guys are much bigger and heavier so we’re building them right where we want them to be for the rent Assad we want to make it look neat and presentable as well in paving papers a cheap and easy way to do just that and that means we need something to sit on so I’m making a tree a pine frame for a built-in bench seat and to finish off the planter box and the bench seat I’m using the same boards as I have on the deck that way everything ties in and I think this looks fantastic a nice place to sit and relax the only thing missing is a little bit of greenery in these planter boxes or think I’ll way back to Ease you know as far as creating two separate spaces in two courtyards.

I’m gonna build a temporary fence but a good if you post it each and wanted and then I’m gonna line it with re image but as far as putting the rail up well this is gonna be really good access to get in the turf the soil mirrors they’re great for checking yourself out but what else are they good for well when you’re working in a small area now you can actually give you the feeling.

Of more spikes so I’m going to be making up some screens I’ve got some marine floor I’m just running aluminum angle around the edges then I’ll silicon the mirrors in place it’s a decorative screen on top and that’s going to make their backyard look tip-top this is the renters backyard but here is marina and Alice bathroom if they ever decide to open up this window the neighbors they’re gonna get a bird’s-eye view so to stop that I move quick nothing’s wrong.

job done even though it was only a granny flat it was still a building site and there’s not a builder in the country that thinks about the garden when they’re trying to throw up a house that’s why this is compacted they bring the brick II sand nice and close for the bricklayers and all the Home Improvement here and so this has been a storage yard for the last six months what we need to do is make it a garden you can drop your soil on top like that and just plant straight into it it’s like.

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